Such as for example, whenever she assisted your split their “hoarding” habit from inside the “Insheeption”, pointing out so it manage jeopardize its relationships

In the “Gluten 100 % free Ebola”, Wendy registered other last-grade category into the indicating its displeasure toward your and the boys when they was in fact forced to come back to college or university upon the inability of their initiate-right up team. Stan broke up with the lady before episode, mentioning his need to set all of the his effort towards the company, bragging one to however be “diving inside the sluts”, however, afterwards regretted it. At the conclusion of the new occurrence, Wendy requires Stan to dancing within cluster, and then he cheerfully welcomes their offer.

Even after its disagreements, Wendy has actually always been a partner so you can Stan, once again exhibiting this lady sympathy into people as much as this lady.

Within the “Ass Burgers”, Wendy techniques Kyle about Stan’s new decisions difficulties. Wendy attempts to rating Kyle’s assist to roust Stan off his despair, but Kyle will not help.

Into the “Skank Appear”, Wendy breaks with Stan on the 3rd date, considering the tips regarding sites troll Skankhunt42. This was because the all of the girls felt Skankhunt42’s steps talked to your boys’ viewpoints. Yet not, she shows great resistance and a touch of sorrow more starting thus, because the she spoken concern along the plan, and you may are coerced on performing this by Annie and you can Nichole.

Into the “Oh, Jeez”, Stan, recommended of the Bill Clinton as part of their Gentlemen’s Bar system, attempts to apologize so you can Wendy in a restaurant, and then have right back together with her. It meetup concludes unexpectedly, although not, whenever Butters places Stan regarding beyond your cafe, phone calls your a beneficial “traitor” to be having a woman, and you can presses their dick up against the glass home – an operate Cosby relates to since the “clicking pickle”. Not surprisingly, South Playground: The latest Fractured But Entire implies that Stan and you will Wendy got back together, within relationships chart built in the introduction of the online game saying that they were relationship, therefore the flirtatious talk among them.

Gregory from Yardale

When you look at the Southern area Playground: Larger, Offered Uncut, she had exactly what appeared to be a good break into a novice entitled Gregory. She frequently liked him once the he was most governmental, and you will mutual a lot of this lady liberal viewpoints. Once Stan adopted this new Clitoris’ information and you will conveyed believe, she informed Stan she got hardly ever really preferred Gregory, also stating, “Screw Gregory! Shag your right in new ear canal!”.

Eric Cartman

Wendy is one of the stronger examples of an Eric Cartman hater, but in the season Five episode, “Cook Happens Nanners”, she got a short-term crush to the him as they was performing with her into flag argument. She even imagined by herself and you will Cartman falling in love together when you look at the an effective meadow. Frightened from the these types of attitude, she consulted Bebe to possess help on the matter, and you may Bebe told her it absolutely was most likely simply sexual tension due to helping so long at the side of your. Upon the lady advice, Wendy warmly kissed Cartman on presentation 24 hours later. After that, she destroyed all the lady negative and positive feelings to have your, even appearing to consider him a friend.

Her hatred for your came back eight season afterwards, on event “Breast cancer Inform you Ever”, in which she fought your, and you may defeat him right up immediately after the guy mocks breast cancer numerous things in the event.

For the “The latest Cissy”, outraged from the Cartman’s manipulation from transgenders to make use of first the newest women’s restroom, following rating his or her own personal restroom. She clipped their locks, wore shorts, and you can named herself Wendell to find back within Cartman and rehearse their bathroom, pissing your away from.

Tolkien Black colored

Inside “Raisins”, immediately following Wendy broke up with Stan, she began dating Tolkien Black colored. The matchmaking most likely didn’t last much time, while the Tolkien are seen along with other girls into the “Dumb Rotten Whore Video clips Playset”. They certainly were, however, revealed driving an excellent Ferris wheel together inside the “Brand new Jeffersons”. A while later, it rarely interacted and you will were not viewed along with her, so they really most likely got a from-monitor break up.